What do they do differently?  We’ll show you……

Those ‘Super Stars’.  Those individuals and organisations that just seem to keep on achieving great things in their Supply Chain?

Is it something about attitude, or maybe the organisation’s culture?  Maybe it’s down to lots of experience?

It’s actually none of those things!

We’re very lucky to work with hundreds of different organisations and thousands of great people, so we get to see first hand what works and what doesn’t.

It’s actually down to some simple principles and concepts that you and your team members can use right now.

So come along and join us for just 90 minutes, enjoy a great breakfast and valuable networking and you’ll walk out with renewed energy and insights that will help you ‘get stuff done’ that you might have thought impossible. Till now :)

Does this Training Event suit you? Here are some guidelines…

Our seminars are aimed at Business, Supply Chain and Logistics Managers, of all levels of knowledge and experience.

Many 20+ year ‘veterans’ regularly attend to fill in specific knowledge gaps and for the great networking. 

Those who regularly attend work in areas such as: 

Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Distribution Management, Customer Service Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Distribution Managers, Logistics Managers, Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Production Planning, Procurement, Purchasing, Sourcing, Human Resources, Finance or IT.

And we always seem to attract lots of senior executives too, such as: CEOs, MDs and GMs.  Over the years they too have gained great value in coming along.


Engage with industry thought leaders who will transform the way you think.

(Your Keynote Speaker)

Director Logistics Bureau and Leader of Business Improvement Programs.

(Your Host)

Founder and Group MD of Logistics Bureau.


• Host Rob O’Byrne (10 minutes) will introduce the topic with some ‘real life’ illustrations of success v failure and what seems to make the difference.

• Key Speaker Steven Thacker (40 minutes) – will share some highly effective success ‘frameworks’ followed by some amazing ‘best in class’ Supply Chain case studies to illustrate the simple concepts and processes that you too can use to reach your personal, team and business goals.

• Networking Time will be available so you can connect with your industry peers, which is always invaluable at our events.

• Q&A will be catered for within the event and at the end if you want to stay back longer to ask questions 1 on 1.

Tuesday, 17th November 2015 in Melbourne:

  • 7am-7:30am: Registration
  • 7:30am: Breakfast is served
  • 9am: Event Ends

Wednesday, 18th November 2015 in Sydney:

  • 7am-7:30am: Registration
  • 7:30am: Breakfast is served
  • 9am: Event Ends
  • Wednesday, 18th November 2015 LIVE Streaming Online:
  • 7am-7:30am: LIVE Streaming starts
  • 9am: Event Ends

VENUES and LIVE Streaming

Bayview Eden Melbourne
6 Queens Road,
Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia,
Phone: +61 3 9250 2222

Hilton Hotel Sydney
488 George St,
Sydney NSW 2000,
Phone: +61 2 9266 2000

LIVE Streaming
In the comfort of your own home of office.  
Watch on a computer, tablet or smart phone.
(Live Streaming will only be on 18th November 2015.
Link details will be given out after registration. )


A Guide to Boost Your Supply Chain
Get this PDF report once you register

Refer a Friend?

Yes of course you can. We just ask that you use the refer a friend link. This way we make sure we follow all the anti-spam rules and that your colleagues actually register themselves. Some organisations book 5-6 pages. That’s OK, but be quick!


Are these events really free?

Yes they are. At some venues you might need to pay for car parking, but we try to ensure that even that is free for you.

Will I learn anything useful?

Absolutely you will! The information we share is tried and tested and based on our work with hundreds of consulting clients across 22 countries, since 1997.

Will the information apply to my industry?

99% of it Yes! Because much of the information is based on the work we conduct with our consulting clients, it covers most industries..

What type of people attend?

Quite simply, people who want to improve their own operations, their knowledge and their careers.

What level of people attend?

Our guests range from Warehouse supervisors, Customer Service managers to General Managers. Everyone is welcome. A few Finance and Marketing Directors sneak in too!

Is the event aimed at just selling your services?

No! The purpose of these events is to share knowledge with our guests to boost their personal and business performance.  It’s just one of the ways we like to ‘give back’.

You’ll get lots of solid useful information.

At our ‘General’ breakfast events, it’s all about the topic and networking.  So more senior managers like these.

At our ‘Specialist’ ½ day events, we get into a lot more detail for functional managers.  At these events only, there may sometimes be an opportunity to obtain relevant products or services free or at a special guest discount, where these are deemed to be beneficial to the challenges being discussed.

How long have you been running these events?

We started back in 1999. And we’ve run them ever since. Not just in Australia but across SE Asia as well. Thousands of people register for these events every year.

Why do you run these events?
Quite simply we really enjoy sharing the knowledge we have gained and enjoy helping people achieve success. It’s what we are passionate about and what drives us. Once you have been to one of our events you’ll ‘get it’.

Can I bring a colleague?

Yes of course you can. We just ask that you make sure you/they have filled out the registration form.